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27, 02-2020 | Talk about emotions

This week I received a newsletter from the aid organization Tear. What they write touched me. Why, I tell you that. They show how they not only provide (emergency) assistance, but also promote the restoration of relationships in their projects. They offer people help with the repair of four disruptions: with ourselves, with others, with the ... Read more "

11, 02-2020 | How do I motivate children - Tips for children's work

Only when someone comes into a motivating environment is he able to learn. Tell a boy we're going to do a competition and you'll have his attention right away. If you are actually going to do that, you will not have a child with him during the children's service. How can you get children motivated? We are going to… Read more "

11, 02-2020 | Part 1: Children learn four times more when all the senses are used - Tips for children's work

If your children tell a story, they can remember 10% of it. If you let them play out a story themselves, they can remember up to 40% of the story. Research shows that when children / people use their entire body and different senses, they remember up to four times more. How come? We are going to move in the near future ... Read more "

08, 10-2019 | Motivate boys during the child service - Tips for children's work

two boys are corrected by their mother

The photo above speaks volumes. The piercing finger and the attitude of the boys show that a warning is coming. They have been working across borders. With boys this is more common than with girls. Boys are physical and challenge each other. We often find this behavior undesirable and want to change this, so that ... Read more "

04, 10-2019 | Out and about! with vegetable garden lessons in Groenekerken toolkit

Out and about with the vegetable garden lessons! can be found under the heading Faith Education on the Groenekerken website >>> Why have garden gardening with the children? As Green churches we want to consciously 'learn' how to deal with God's creation. It is important to include the children in this process. An ultimate way for this is to let them grow their own vegetables in ... Read more "

09, 09-2019 | Vegetable gardening encourages 'healthy' choices - tips for child service

In addition to being a spiritual teacher, the vegetable garden is also good for your health! God consciously placed man in Paradise WITH an assignment to work and not in Disney World. In the previous newsletter we focused on learning by playing. It emerged that when multiple senses are activated we remember information up to four times better. Read more "

08, 07-2019 | Schedule overview Out and about!

05, 06-2019 | Children's worker Marleen Post about working with Er op uit!

Marleen does more than 25 years of children's work and 3 years with the Er out! method. She tells what her experiences are.
"For me, this is the first method that helps children to play a role in God's family."

02, 05-2019 | Children's work method Out and about! is a DIY method for churches

Children's work method Out and about! saw the light of day in 2014. Project leader Ronald Blonk started the initiative because there is little education in the existing churches in two areas: care for the poor, the stranger and the creation and the Jewish people. These themes are explicitly addressed in the practice-oriented online Sunday school method. Different processing ... Read more "

31, 01-2019 | Sneak preview lessons CELEBRATION & downloads

The power of CELEBRATION This series of lessons will teach the children how celebrating God's feasts can empower them. The children discover that the Lord Jesus himself eagerly desired to celebrate the Passover meal with His disciples, so that He strengthened the Passion through the celebration. During the Passover meal ... Read more "