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24, 04-2020 | Press release: Survey among child workers about preference for work forms and inner motivation

Children's work method Out and about! investigated through a one-minute study into which work forms child workers feel most at home and what their main motivation is to do child work. A total of 47 men and 185 women completed the 1-minute quiz. It is remarkable and encouraging to see that children workers have a strong preference for creative work forms with many ... Read more "

24, 04-2020 | Children's work method Out and about! opens up method for families in Corona time

There are no children's services during this time of Corona. This is a great loss for the children in this uncertain time. It is important to be talking to your child about God right now. Out and about! therefore makes his children's work program available to parents free of charge, so that they can naturally ... Read more "

05, 03-2020 | Children's worker Marleen Post about working with Er op uit!

Marleen does more than 25 years of children's work and 3 years with the Er out! method. She tells what her experiences are.
"For me, this is the first method that helps children to play a role in God's family."

04, 10-2019 | Out and about! with vegetable garden lessons in Groenekerken toolkit

Out and about with the vegetable garden lessons! can be found under the heading Faith Education on the Groenekerken website >>> Why have garden gardening with the children? As Green churches we want to consciously 'learn' how to deal with God's creation. It is important to include the children in this process. An ultimate way for this is to let them grow their own vegetables in ... Read more "

08, 07-2019 | NEW - Class schedule overview Out and about!

An overview of the complete six-year curriculum from Er op uit! can currently be viewed and downloaded as a PDF file. It is divided into 2 x 3 year, so that the themes are highlighted and categorized per grade. Indicated in colors which lessons fall in which category, such as connection between young and old in the municipality, ... Read more "

02, 05-2019 | Children's work method Out and about! is a DIY method for churches

Children's work method Out and about! saw the light of day in 2014. Project leader Ronald Blonk started the initiative because there is little education in the existing churches in two areas: care for the poor, the stranger and the creation and the Jewish people. These themes are explicitly addressed in the practice-oriented online Sunday school method. Different processing ... Read more "

31, 01-2019 | Sneak preview lessons CELEBRATION & downloads

The power of CELEBRATION This series of lessons will teach the children how celebrating God's feasts can empower them. The children discover that the Lord Jesus himself eagerly desired to celebrate the Passover meal with His disciples, so that He strengthened the Passion through the celebration. During the Passover meal ... Read more "

23, 01-2019 | Children's work program for the fortnight calendar encourages children to take action

The children's work program associated with the tenth edition of Tear's 40th calendar is a festive program, in which the children give their faith to their faith. This year, Er is out! the children's organization that developed the program. Project leader from Er! Ronald Blonk is enthusiastic about the four lessons for both ... Read more "

21, 11-2018 | Children get to work with faith

If children do not learn to put faith into practice from an early age, their lifestyles will differ little from those of non-Christians. That is what Ronald Blonk of the children's organization 'Er op uit!' Explains, who therefore developed a new children's work method. "Children learn to give their hands and feet to their faith." What does 'It means!' what… Read more "

15, 11-2018 | Gender neutrality is attack on the image of God

What are the weapons of Christians against gender neutrality? Author: Ronald Blonk, initiator of children's work method. A main item in the Eight Hour Journal of Tuesday November 13 was dedicated to the fact that surrogate mothers can now also receive egg cells from other mothers in the Netherlands. It was visualized by a ... Read more "