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16, 11-2020 | Article in magazine Meeting of the Baptist Union and ABC congregations (Oct 2020)

Children's work Out! has been developed within two congregations belonging to the ABC congregations and Baptist Union. These are Evangelical Church Salem in Wageningen and the Baptist Church Meeting in Arnhem-South. They have enjoyed working with the lessons for five years now. You can view the entire article here >>>

13, 11-2020 | Wanted a 'trial' primary school

The children's work method is ready to be implemented in primary schools. Lessons are available year-round for every group. We are now looking for a primary school that wants to test the method. Preferably a month, but of course it can also be longer. Half a year or a year.The method is in ... Read more "

12, 11-2020 | ANBI status for Stichting Er out!

Thursday September 24, 2020 the ANBI foundation is out! officially born. The foundation was officially informed today that the foundation has been recognized by the tax authorities as an ANBI from 7 October. The objective of the Er out! Foundation Out! pursues the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ... Read more "

05, 11-2020 | Children's worker Marleen Post about working with Er op uit!

Marleen does more than 25 years of children's work and 3 years with the Er out! method. She tells what her experiences are.
"For me this is the first method that helps children to have a role in the family of God."

05, 11-2020 | Meet creation lessons

Creation's testimony to our Creator is immensely powerful. Unfortunately, the evil one has caused a lot of controversy over the last 100 years to cover up God's Intellectual Property. Science Fortunately there are many Christian scientists who can explain to us in great detail, how we can see, that theories about evolution, Big bang, nebula theories, are far from complete ... Read more "

26, 10-2020 | Article in Israel and the Church of Christians for Israel

For the magazine Israel and the Church, which is published by Christians for Israel, Out! wrote an article about the importance of education about the Jewish people. You can find the submitted article on pages 44 to 49. Click here to view or download the article. The whole sheet ... Read more "

14, 09-2020 | Material for week of education

In collaboration with MissieNederland, Er out! material developed for the week of education. Free material for parents and churches is available. Click to the page below to download it

14, 09-2020 | Lessons for Israel Sunday

In collaboration with Christians for Isaël, lessons were prepared for Israel Sunday of October 4. They are available for free. For the children's moment in the service and the children's secondary service, we offer materials for different ages around the theme 'Op het Leven!' In other words 'l'Chaim!'. For the youngest and middle group, the material revolves around the… Read more "

04, 10-2019 | Groenekerken toolkit recommends Er out! On

Green churches want to consciously 'learn' to deal with God's creation. It is important to include the children in this process. The ultimate way to do this is to let them grow their own vegetables in a vegetable garden. Besides the aspect of sustainability, there are many advantages to this form of practice-oriented education. Read more about it here >>> The vegetable garden lessons ... Read more "

02, 05-2019 | Children's work method Out and about! is a DIY method for churches

Children's work method Out! saw the light of day in 2014. Project leader Ronald Blonk started the initiative because in the existing churches there is little education in two areas: care for the poor, the foreigner and the creation and the Jewish people. These themes are explicitly addressed in the practice-oriented online Sunday school method. Different processing ... Read more "