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09, 11-2018 | Ethnic prof: teaching: how you can make a difference as a Christian

What can we learn from the meeting with the Samaritan woman? Author: Ronald Blonk, initiator of children's work method! This morning I heard a discussion on Radio 1 about the violent consequences of ethnic profiling in our society. Ethnic profiling is applied by the police on the basis of characteristics of people perpetrators of crimes ... Read more "

09, 11-2018 | November newsletter

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The out! newsletter has been given a new look, making the text better and easier to read. The newsletter includes a vegetable garden that has been filled away, the grape bush action, the search for ten 'trial' churches and the cooperation with TEAR started for the 40 days calendar. Read… Read more "

06, 11-2018 | Collaboration with TEAR 40 days calendar

Easter is still far away, but the preparations for the 40 days calendar have already started. Development organization TEAR approached Er! to write the children's work program for the church. A great opportunity that has been seized with both hands. It concerns lessons that are offered with the calendar, which are used during ... Read more "

02, 11-2018 | Vegetable garden Salem weggebuldozerd

At three o'clock in the afternoon we received a phone call that the next day our children's kitchen garden would be thrown away behind the church. In the evening, volunteers saved some cuttings, garden material and harvest and laid it apart. The next day it turned out that all the cuttings were also 'stuffed away'. There you are left empty-handed and your good ... Read more "

30, 09-2018 | Children's program for Feast of Tabernacles organized at NEM

In Israel it is often nice weather during the Feast of Tabernacles, but fortunately the sun was shining in Voorthuizen when we celebrated the Feast of Tabernacles. At the NEM Foundation we met many people and were able to share a lot about the children's work program. We also gave two workshops that were received with great enthusiasm. With 70 participants ... Read more "

30, 04-2018 | Successful Passover - Easter celebration

Out! was asked to take care of the children's program around the Passover meal at Near East Ministry. Lieske and Susanne took the more than a hundred participants through the exodus Bible story. First young and old experienced the plagues that God caused to go over Egypt. Then the children discovered that the blood at the doorpost of the ... Read more "

19, 04-2018 | Spring 2018 Out! newsletter

Click here for the newsletter Successful Passover / Easter Celebration at the NEM The friendship service concept explained Visit nursing home The children and plants go out again! New church Lessons in development: The taking of the Promised Land (69 year) God, kings and prophets (1012 year) Wanted Vegetable Garden lessons developer

09, 11-2017 | Interview Groot Nieuws Radio - cooperation CGI

In the studio of Groot Nieuws Radio we have the cooperation between the Comité Gemeentehulp Israël (CGI) and children's work Er! explained. CGI supports Messianic congregations and ministries in Israel and wants to support Christians in the Netherlands in this work. The audio clip starts from 17 November 2017 starts from 1 hours and 19 minutes until ... Read more "

02, 11-2017 | Collaboration agreement CGI and Er out!

The Community Aid Committee (CGI) wants to involve children in Israel and in particular in the Messianic movement in that country. That is why the organization will collaborate with children's worker Ronald Blonk, developer of Eropuit! This children's working method contains practical Bible education, in which children, among other things, maintain a vegetable garden. Both CGI and Er are looking forward to it! see it as ... Read more "

23, 10-2017 | Out! October newsletter

Read the newsletter of October including: Model of desert trip (6-9 year) 18 lessons about the commandments (10-12 year) Developments What is it up to! to find upcoming team members wanted