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24, 04-2020 | Press release: Survey among child workers about preference for work forms and inner motivation

Children's work method Out and about! investigated through a one-minute study into which work forms child workers feel most at home and what their main motivation is to do child work. A total of 47 men and 185 women completed the 1-minute quiz. It is remarkable and encouraging to see that children workers have a strong preference for creative work forms with many ... Read more "

24, 04-2020 | Children's work method Out and about! opens up method for families in Corona time

There are no children's services during this time of Corona. This is a great loss for the children in this uncertain time. It is important to be talking to your child about God right now. Out and about! therefore makes his children's work program available to parents free of charge, so that they can naturally ... Read more "

23, 01-2019 | Children's work program for the fortnight calendar encourages children to take action

The children's work program associated with the tenth edition of Tear's 40th calendar is a festive program, in which the children give their faith to their faith. This year, Er is out! the children's organization that developed the program. Project leader from Er! Ronald Blonk is enthusiastic about the four lessons for both ... Read more "

02, 11-2017 | Collaboration agreement CGI and Er out!

The Community Aid Committee (CGI) wants to involve children in Israel and in particular in the Messianic movement in that country. That is why the organization will collaborate with children's worker Ronald Blonk, developer of Eropuit! This children's working method contains practical Bible education, in which children, among other things, maintain a vegetable garden. Both CGI and Er are looking forward to it! see it as ... Read more "