Pentecost for children, creative Pentecostal processing and lesson series about Pentecost / Weeks / Sjavoeot

Out and about! offers teaching packages about Pentecost, the weeks party or Sjavoeot for churches and congregations. Young and older children work towards the Pentecost in their lessons. In the spiritual equipment, children's work sets out! see how Pentecost is connected to Abraham, the desert journey and the (outpouring of) the Holy Spirit. The lessons are suitable for children aged 6-12 and divided into 2 groups: group 3-5 and group 6-8. The lesson series can be purchased separately (see below). Buyers then receive a fully detailed series of lessonsThere are 3 thematic passages for Pentecost that are detailed below: 1. Genesis - Abraham - Pentecost, 2. Exodus - desert tour - covenant making and 3. the Holy Spirit - Pentecost.

1. Genesis - Abraham - Pentecost

Group 3-5. In 2 lessons the children learn by watching Abraham about Ascension, the period between Ascension and Pentecost and finally receiving the promise of posterity, the birth of Isaac.
Group 6-8. 1 lesson about how God unilaterally made a covenant with Abraham and gave him a promise of posterity and possession of land for his posterity. The link is made with the meaning of the Feast of Weeks and Pentecost.

2. Exodus - Desert Tour - Covenant Making

Group 3-5. The children work towards the covenant in 4 lessons. They discover how God cares for the people and how He wants to become King over the people. On Sinai, Moses receives the 10 Words and God concludes by eating bread and wine with the 70 elders, Moses and Aaron. The children do every lesson on a part of a model about the desert trip.

Group 6-8. They look in one lesson at the covenant on Sinai and investigate the meaning of the number 1. It hides that the Gospel will go to the whole world. The Jews believe this too.

3. The Holy Spirit - Pentecost

Group 3-5. In 2 lessons the children discover why the Lord Jesus went back to heaven. So He could send the Holy Ghost at Pentecost.

Group 6-8. The children discover the person of the Holy Spirit in 4 lessons. They discover that they can have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. They discover that the Lord Jesus went back to Heaven so that He could send the Holy Spirit.

Creative processing

Children's Work Out! is primarily a DIY lesson method. In all teaching packages there are creative processing such as role playing, homework assignments or an Xpedition assignment.

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The 3 theme packages for the 2 age categories have different approaches. Order the lessons via the contact form below and choose your lesson package (s). The Pentecost curriculum is part of the series 'Celebrating the Biblical feasts' containing Passover, Pentecost and the Autumn parties.

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