Celebrating the Biblical Feasts: Easter, Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles

In the method we live for six years with a number of lessons towards Easter, Pentecost and the Autumn Feasts. Below you will find a glimpse into the lessons.

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We make the connection between the original institution of the festivals in the Old Testament and their fulfillment by the Lord Jesus.
1. Passover - Easter
2. Weeks Feast / Shavuot - Pentecost
3. Trumpets or Bazuinfeest / Rosh Hashanah, Great Atonement Day / Yom Kippur, Tabernacles / Sukkot

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1. The shadow stories at Easter - Passover

GENESIS - Easter
In Genesis 1 to 5 we find all the ingredients that have to do with Easter: God's desire; what went wrong; the promise of a Savior and the death of a righteous person.
Both young and older children work towards Easter in 10 lessons. (Incidentally, they have completely different lessons.) During Easter itself, we deal with the story of Cain and Abel. Abel is the righteous whose blood flows. His dying refers to Jesus dying on the cross.
In the spiritual equipment, we also show how Jesus filled the Passover feasts in detail. First the inspection of the lamb, then the slaughter of the lamb before the Passover meal and the resurrection on the day of the Firstfruits. After that, the festival of the Matses is celebrated for a week.

EXODUS - Easter

The next shadow story in which we recognize Easter and that we treat the children the following year is that of the exodus from Egypt.
Group 3-5 works towards the Exodus in 8 lessons. It starts with the birth of Moses and ends with the story about the night they have to bake the matzes and smear the lamb's blood on the doorpost.
Group 6-8 works towards the Exodus in 3 lessons. They treat the plagues and make the translation to their own life. At the Exodus, they delve deeper into the belief that the Israelites must have in the blood that they lubricated on the doorposts and the Matzes that they had to bake for the exodus. They investigate the significance of the various festivals that follow each other with Passover and how Jesus filled them.


In four lessons, both groups work from the Gospel to the celebration of the Holy Supper and ultimately the Resurrection of Jesus. They discover the deeper meaning of the Holy Supper by experiencing that last meal with Jesus and the disciples. It ends with a friend service on Easter.

Israel celebrates - The exodus from Egypt and the establishment of the Passover festival.
Celebrate life with Jesus as a friend - Jesus offers us His friendship.
Celebrating the meal - Institution of the Holy Supper at the celebration of the Passover meal.
Celebrating Jesus Lives: Friendship - The rebellion of Jesus through the eyes of Mary of Magdala.

2. The shadow stories of Pentecost - Weeks / Sjavoeot

GENESIS Abraham - Pentecost
Group 3-5. In two lessons the children learn by watching Abraham about Ascension, the period between Ascension and Pentecost and finally receiving the promise of posterity, the birth of Isaac.
Group 6-8 One lesson about how God unilaterally made a covenant with Abraham and gave him a promise of posterity and possession of land for his posterity. The link is made with the meaning of the Feast of Weeks and Pentecost.

EXODUS Wilderness Years - the Covenant Closure
Group 3-5. The children work towards the covenant closure on Mount Sinaï in four lessons. They discover how God cares for the people and how He wants to become King over them. On Mount Sinai, Moses receives the 10 Words and the Covenant Closure takes place by eating bread and wine with the 70 elders, Moses and Aaron on the mountain. After this God is pouring out His spirit on the Elders. The children work every lesson on a part of a model about the Wilderness Years.

Group 6-8. They look at the covenant closure on Mount Sinai in one lesson and examine the meaning of the number 70. It hides that the Gospel will go to all the tribes of the world. The Jews believe this will happen too.


Group 3-5. In two lessons the children discover why the Lord Jesus went back to heaven. So He could send the Holy Ghost at Pentecost.
Group 6-8. The children discover the person of the Holy Spirit in four lessons. They discover that they can have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. They discover that the Lord Jesus went back to Heaven so that He could send the Holy Spirit.

3. The Autumn Festivities

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Group 3-5 works four lessons about the Autumn Festivities. It starts with the change of leader of Moses and Joshua. Then the spies go to Jericho. The passage through the Jordan and finally the circumcision at Gilgal.
Group 6-8 works six lessons about the Autumn Festivities. They zoom in on King Solomon, how he was a shadow image for the Messiah and the Millennial Peace Kingdom. Then we see that he sins and that he is not the promised Messiah and is tearing the kingdom in two. We then follow Elijah and Ahab. The children discover the spiritual battle between Baal (the devil) and YHWH. In which God conquers gloriously. This is a shadow for everything that takes place in the book of Revelation.


Group 3-5 discovers, on the basis of stories in Acts, how the Autumn Festivities have already been partially fulfilled. How the collection of the nations already began through the birth of the church of Jesus Christ. How this birth was accompanied by all kinds of miracles and signs and also with many setbacks. This is based on the following stories.
1. Peter's vision with the sheeting of unclean animals.
2. Paul and Barnabas sent to bring the gospel to the Gentiles.
3. James killed and Peter freed. The evil one goes around like a roaring lion to behead the church, but God intervenes.
4. Paul and Barnabas in Antioch. The Jews reject the gospel and the Gentiles (the nations) accept the gospel.

Group 6-9 discovers in four lessons about the book of Revelation, how the Autumn Feasts will be fulfilled. These lessons are so intriguing that a short description is very complicated. Every Christian should take the message in these lessons 🙂
Lesson 1: First the message of Jesus Christ to the church today.
Lesson 2: Then the period of great tribulation. A time of punishment and teasing, but focused on people turning to God.
Lesson 3: At the end of the great tribulation, the whole world turns against Israel, and then the prophecies from the prophets will be fulfilled at a rapid pace. The remaining part of the Jewish people will fully turn to YHWH and call on Him for redemption. Then the Lord Jesus will return to the Mount of Olives and they will recognize Him as the ones they pierced. They will mourn for a period about their sins against the Messiah. And then it goes on ... the nations from all over the world will be collected.
Lesson 4: And finally YHWH will pitch his tent / sukkah on earth. Heaven is coming to earth. God will rule from the new Jerusalem. The children will discover a lot. Half have not been written here yet.