Who can use it?

Childcare service / Sunday school

The lesson is structured as follows:
10 minutes: Ice breaker
10-20 minutes: Bible time (Youngest group a Bible story or role play, the oldest group dives into the Bible themselves.)
10-20 minutes: Creative processing

The two processes plus the Bible time are always 40 minutes in total. It applies to all components that they can take longer or that they are shortened to the insight and time available for the child service.

In het moestuinseizoen van maart – sept zijn er moestuinlessen beschikbaar
30 minutes per lesson.

Short childcare service
De methode is ook geschikt voor kindernevendiensten 20 – 30 minuten.
If only the Icebreaker and the Bible time are used, this can be done within 30 minutes.

Use at home as a family

Of course the material can be used as a family. We have a special rate for home use.

Especially in this time of Corona, when children's services are often not organized, it is important as parents to continue to talk to your children about religion.

The method offers you the tools to have an unforgettable time together at home every Sunday morning. The reactions of the families who are working with it at home are clear :-)

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Youth clubs

The spiritual lessons and the creative processing are extremely suitable for youth clubs. Clubs usually run from October to March. This offers the opportunity to create a varied program for the children from the large amount of lessons.

De jeugdclubleiding kan uit de lessen een eigen serie van lessen selecteren.  Wij helpen hier graag bij.

Religion class at primary schools

The method or parts of it can be used in both Christian and public primary schools. read more  >>>

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