The Torah Cycle in Three year reading, weekly parasha's

Out! uses the reading schedule "the Three Year Torah Cycle", hereinafter referred to as DTC. We can well imagine that you are curious about the reading schedule or backgrounds. Maybe you want to read along with this schedule. On this page you will find more information about this.

Kees and Anneke Bloed are committed to making this reading schedule available within the current context. Out! has made use of their knowledge and insights about background to the DTC. In the document "the timetable on main lines"On page 8, 9 and 10 is explained what the specific value of the reading grid is for the children's work method. The grid exposes many treasures for the children.

Even adults can appropriate the richnesses of this reading schedule. Every week a parasha (= A part of the Torah) is published by Kees and Anneke, which is an introduction to that week's lecture. You can find more information about these parasha's and the possibility to sign up to receive these weekly introductions by email

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