History of the Jewish people for children

In large steps the children get a picture of the history of the Jewish people. Four lessons are about the development of the Jewish people from Abraham to the present. This allows the children to better place the Biblical stories within the culture and geography of the time. The up-to-date information also helps them to interpret current developments in the news better. It is in this way an introduction to Israel today and the role of the Jewish people and the state of Israel in the history of salvation.

The lessons cover the topics ...

  • The origin of the people
  • The Jewish descent and cultural issues are discussed in game form
  • The scattering of the Ten and the Two Tribes,
  • The Jewish war (66-70 AD)
  • The destruction of Jerusalem
  • The dissolution of the state of Judea (135 AD)
  • The ongoing persecutions from 800 to now
  • The foundation of the state of Israel
  • The worldwide return of the people to Israel.
  • The lessons conclude with a visit to the Jewish Historical Museum, the Portuguese Synagogue and the Hollandse Schouwburg (Holocaust Museum) in Amsterdam.

The curriculum includes an extensive manual for a visit to the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam. An unforgettable part for the children.

Series about the Jewish people4 lessons
Group 6-8 (10-12 year)€ 80

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