Give for children and become a partner!

Like us, do you think we should invest carefully in the next generation of the Church? Are you enthusiastic about Kinderwerk Out! and do you think it is important that we equip children so that they will be a salty salt and shining light in society? Then invest in the method and become a partner in our mission.

You can invest in two ways.

1. Through support from Ronald
Ronald spends 90% of his time on Er out! This time investment is only possible by partners who release Ronald financially. You can support Ronald with a one-time donation or regular donations. Your role as a committed and giving partner is crucial for Kinderwerk Out! fully develop.

2. Invest in the children's development fund
We regularly hire specialists, do promotion and have running costs. We pay these costs from this fund. This fund ensures that we can develop more creative and appealing lessons, give more publicity to the method and work with professional items.
We long for the children to playfully learn to take steps in faith.

Are you interested and would you like more information about the underlying plans, please contact Ronald Blonk | 06 48127082 or use the contact form.

How can you give
Donations can be transferred to ANBI Foundation Out!
Account number: NL

There are two options for the communication:
Option 1: Gifts for Ronald and Ina's livelihood, please write “Project It from code 1".
Option 2: In case you invest in the development fund please write “Project Away from Children Development Fund code 2".
Foundation Out! has the ANBI status, which means that gifts are tax deductible.

Stay informed
When you become a partner, we will keep you informed with a newsletter that is sent by email once a quarter. Once a month we send a prayer e-mail for those who apply for it. If you are interested in one of these, we would be happy to hear it.

The contact form: State clearly what you want information and how we can reach you. We will then contact you soon.