Lesson series about Jacob including the Autumn Festivities

The lessons show how the journey of life of Jacob is a foreshadow for the journey of church of Jesus Christ. But also how God is involved with us as individuals. God's grace and love for us are beautifully reflected in the stories. In the lessons, attention is also paid to the backgrounds and traditions at the parties, bringing them to life. The prophetic significance of the Autumn Festivals is also extensively discussed. Each lesson contains surprising game elements and the children are sent several times on Xpedition with what they have learned in the lesson.

Content of the lessons

The lessons about Jacob start with the birth of Jacob and Esau and follow their adventures closely. These stories are important to understand who Jacob was and what journey God made with Jacob before Jacob could reach his destination.

The youngest group has four lessons up to the Autumn Festivals and the oldest group 2 lessons. During the Autumn Festivals they follow the same Bible passages, but they deal with the topics on their own level.

4 introductory lessons (group 3-5)

1. The special birth of the twins and the sale of Esau's birthright to Jacob.
2. Jacob steals the blessing of Esau and must flee for his life.
3. The Jacob's Ladder. Jacob must leave everything he wanted to possess. God comes to him in a dream in Bethel and gives him a special promise.
4. Jacob comes to Laban and wants to marry Rebekah, but first gets Lea as a wife. He is deceived, just as he himself has deceived others. It seems to be in the family. Children play this story out in a role play.

2 introductory lessons (group 6-8)

1. Theme: Take charge in your life
This lesson deals with the complicated situation in the family of Isaac and Rebekah. Esau and Jacob have been in conflict from birth and Isaac and Rebekah both have their favorite. The children discover that it is important to make clear choices in relation to God and to communicate well with each other from the relationship with God.
2. Theme: Making appointments with God
This lesson is about the Jacob's Ladder moment. God makes commitments to Jacob and Jacob makes an appointment with God (and actually with himself). We teach the children that you can and may be in conversation with God. He listens and is patient.

The lesson about the Trumpet Party: Jacob is called by God to leave Laban and return to the promised land. The voice of God and the raising of Jacob is the link to the Feast of Trumpets.

The lesson about the Day of Atonement: This is where the confrontation between Laban and Jacob takes place. Laban went after Jacob to kill it, but God jumps into the breach for Jacob and prevents this plan. This is the link to the Day of Atonement.

The first lesson about the Feast of Tabernacles: Jacob faces Esau with fear. He is at the end of the pack. If he goes back across the river alone, a man comes to him who is struggling with him. This is probably God himself. Jacob comes out of battle as a changed person, God is now also His God. This links to the theme of Tabernacles, where it is remembered that going into the promised land is accompanied by a great struggle.

The second lesson about the Feast of Tabernacles: Jacob leads the way as a changed person. He sacrifices himself for the rest. The big surprise is that Esau does not have a grudge, but meets Jacob with wide open arms. It is reminiscent of the prodigal son and the Father. This links to the theme of Tabernacles, where God will appropriate His people and the church as His bride.

Both age groups go through the same stories of Jacob, but do it at their own level. Lessons about Jacob where the following parties are discussed: Trumpet festival, Great Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) and the Feast of Tabernacles.

Series about Jacob and the autumn festivals
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Creative processing

Children's Work Out! is primarily a DIY lesson method. In all teaching packages there are creative processing such as role playing, homework assignments or an Xpedition assignment.

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