The Core of Let's go!

Discovering the Bible and God together by doing what He says

Out and about! is the new contemporary children's work method for children from 6-12 years. This is used in churches to convey the contents of the Bible to children in a practical way.

Learn to do what God says

"Follow me," Jesus told his disciples. And they went after Him. Gradually they came to recognize that He was the Son of God. This method allows the children to discover faith by doing what the Bible says. Processes in game form are connected to the Bible part to be treated.

"It is not just thinking,
but it is also doing. "

Mikas, 11 years old

Junior Discipleship Training

The children are sent out every two weeks to put into practice what they have learned, just like the disciples. When they come back, they evaluate, following the example of the Lord Jesus.

Red lines from the Bible that we let the children discover

Out in the lessons! find the following themes a place:

  • Stewardship and sustainability - Take care of the earth and everything that lives on it.
  • The Jewish people - The land of Israel and the special place that the Jewish people have in God's heart.
  • Celebrating the feasts of God - The festivals in the spring are already fulfilled by the Lord Jesus. At the celebration of the Autumn festivals we look forward to the fulfillment of these festivals by the Lord Jesus, the Messiah.
  • Justice - Take care of the weak and give them hands and feet.
  • Putting faith into practice - Out and about! is a do and go out method. Very regularly the children go to work with projects outside the church.

Vegetable garden as a practical exercise

Vegetable garden lessons are included in the teaching method. In this way the children learn about creation and their Creator with their senses. They are instructed in a small fashion to 'rule' over a small piece of creation.

Becoming spiritual workers become childcare workers

Passionate children's workers are essential in conveying the Biblical message. That is why every lesson includes thorough spiritual equipment for the child worker, so that they can get to work inspired and enthusiastic. The lessons have been fully developed, making the preparation of the children's service for management simple and feasible.

Chronologically through the Bible

The lessons start in Genesis 1 and continue chronologically to the book of Revelation. Along the way, the children discover how everything fits together and refers to Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

The core qualities of the method briefly in a row

What does the class schedule look like?

What are the costs of the method?