Core qualities: Play, discover, apply

Each lesson is made up of the following elements: a game, discovering the message and application in their own lives. Play, discover, apply

The core qualities below are interwoven by the whole method.

1. A chronological learning line

from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22.

  • Celebrate the feasts of God, as described in Leviticus 23.
  • Make biblical lines visible.

2. Think Hebrew

To get to know God by doing what He says with the dedication of all the competencies of the children.

  • A lot of play and creativity.
  • Discover for yourself who God is.
  • Clear lesson objectives.

Doing faith, by practically working with the children: among other things, visiting elderly people, making gifts for prisoners, handing out vegetable boxes, filling backpacks for poor children, collecting for projects in Israel, organizing harvest festivals for the whole community .

3. Learning to take responsibility

With the aim that the children when they are 12 years they have a solid personal faith.

  • By taking care of the vegetable garden.
  • By getting started with the commandments about caring for the weak, the creation and mutual relations.
  • By praying yourself, reading the Bible and being in conversation with each other about faith questions.

4. Faith education

The method supports faith education at home

  • Twice weekly Xpeditions (practical assignments) to take home.
  • Inform the parents about the spiritual line that is being followed
  • Provide parents with tips for deepening.

5. Missionary

Organize "friends services" together for children who rarely come to church or not. The children, their parents and other church members invite them together.

6. God's plan with Jewish people, the Arabs and us

Gain insight into God's plan with Israel, the Arabs and the rest of the world.

  • Special lesson series about the history of the Jewish people.
  • Special lessons about Ishmael and Esau and their descendants, the Arab peoples.

7. Ease of use for children's workers

  • The lessons have a clear structure.
  • The lessons have been worked out in detail.
  • The method is available digitally, every child worker has online access to the lessons.

8. Experiences of children's workers

Children's workers appreciate the Er on! Method. Some reactions:

  • Nice that there is a short preparation time - Jouke
  • I think that the method is in line with the children's experience. - Lieske
  • I really enjoyed handing out vegetables by the children. - Heine
  • The spiritual equipment is constructive for my own faith life. - Margreet
  • Actually, the whole community should experience the lessons :-). - Marleen