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Bible faithful

God's Word is central. We believe in that. This forms the basis of our children's work.

The Lord Jesus is central

The kids go on one relaxed way of learning by discovery how our Lord Jesus is the fulfillment of the Word. You help the children to develop a living relationship with the Lord Jesus.

The Bible around

The children go to both the middle and the upper years around the Bible in three years on their own level. As a result, they discover a piece of God's plan every time.

Practices faith

The children go with the Xpeditions (home assignments) working during the week with what they have discovered. During the lesson they put their faith into practice by: visiting lonely people, inviting friends, handing out vegetables from the vegetable garden, raising money for projects, etc.


A complete digital method with a clear overview of all lessons. Short preparation time (30 to 60 minutes). A fixed lesson structure: a lesson goal, Bible story, two processes and coordinators documents. Per half year information letters for parents and child workers.

For (older) girls and boys

Girls and boys learn in different ways. The lessons create one motivating learning environment for every child. The discovering way of learning and the translations into practice makes the lessons very suitable for the superstructure.

For all child workers and every child service

This method supports starting child workers and gives experienced children's workers flexibility and space to put together the lesson yourself. With the different components you can put together an inspiring lesson for every children's shift length.

This method is interdenominational in design and allows the Bible to speak

Children's work Out! is a member of Mission The Netherlands

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Children's work Out! let children grow in faith.