Curriculum about Easter, Pentecost and the Autumn festivals for children

"Children learn more about the Biblical festivals through Kinderwerk Out and about!"


Children's work Out! offers the series 'Celebrating the Biblical feasts' with the feasts Easter, Pentecost and the Fall Feasts. Unique to these lessons is that the children discover that the originally Jewish feasts all refer to the Lord Jesus. Out and about! offers teaching packages for churches, municipalities, schools and youth clubs. In a number of lessons the children work towards the Biblical festivals. The lessons are suitable for children aged 6-12 and divided into 2 groups: groups 3-5 and groups 6-8 of primary school. Lesson series can be purchased separately. Study with the children party and teach them more about the Bible in a playful way.

Three themes

The Biblical feasts are divided into three themes that have separate teaching packages. Read more details about this on the individual pages and order the teaching package that appeals to you on these pages.

You can get started together with the children in the church or congregation.

About the childwork method

Children's work Out! is for children aged 6-12 years and supports the children's workers in explaining Biblical and Jewish themes in a creative way. The initiator and founder of the method is Ronald Blonk who started this in 2015. More than 250 lessons have now been developed. More information about the whole method can be found in the schedule of the method.

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