Teaching packages and prices

Thank you for considering the Er out! child work method to work. Below you will find prices and conditions. We have clearly processed the entire schedule in one document.
The method we offer is for children from group 3 to 8. For children from 2,5 years up to and including group 2, we recommend two other children's work methods, which are in line with the Er out! learning style. More information can be found below.

The method is completely digital, but our service is not :-) Our team is available all week and if necessary also on weekends. We will respond to an email with a question within a working day. We are always available by phone if you have any questions.

Price information for homeschooling, school of theme packages can be found below.

Prices for use in the children's service

6-9 year (group 3-5)

10-12 year (group 6-8)
Year 1

Year 4
Year 2

Year 5
Year 3

Year 6
Per age group
Both age groups
€ 250
€ 500
€ 250
€ 500
€ 250
€ 500
€ 150

PAY ATTENTION! Introduction offer
An introductory rate applies during the first six months. Half a year lessons for two groups € 100 or € 50 for one group of children. Start in September or in January.

If the price is an insurmountable obstacle, we can always consult with each other. The point is that the children get to know the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Annual prices include 21% VAT.

Homeschooling - Families

If you want to get started with the lessons at home, we have a special offer for you, continue reading >>>


If you want to get started as a school with the lessons, we have the following offer for: read more >>>

Recommended methods for toddlers and preschoolers (grades 1-2)

Out and about! did not make material for this age group. We recommend two methods.

'God made you'  Suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old.
Just like Er, the method is out! a discovering teaching method.

Ten stories were chosen, ten months to work with one story, with a different approach four times for each story. For example in the story of 'The Prodigal Son', entitled 'A Son Comes Home', the themes are 1. Jesus tells. 2. Return home. 3. I'm so sorry, Dad and 4. Party!

Each processing follows a fixed pattern, which are indicated by recognizable icons: introduction / praying / reading the Bible story / if possible with a video / crafting / group discussion / singing or listening to a song / game and a reading tip. Copyable worksheets are included. The book ends with an overview of the songs per theme and the books per theme.

The booklet can be purchased from various web shops.
The booklet itself costs € 6,50.
The Picture Bible is € 29,95.
The DVD € 8,95.

LIVE! booklets from the IBB. Suitable for children from 2 to 4 years old.
This is a method that offers 20 stories with processing at different age levels. Each story can be taught in four lessons.
We have been able to devise and test many of the processing operations :-)
Manual and CDrom € 50
20 B-books € 115
3 knee books € 40
5 DVDs € 60

Vegetable garden package

The vegetable garden lesson package can be purchased separately from the spiritual lesson package per season. The lessons can be used in addition to another method. The vegetable garden lessons can be used by Sunday schools, youth clubs and primary schools. Read more >>>

Thematic lesson packages: Passover, Pentecost, Autumn parties, Jewish people, etc.

The following thematic teaching packages can be taken.
Passover, Pentecost and the Autumn parties for group 3-5 and group 6-8.
In the method we experience the festivals from shadow stories from the Old Testament, including backgrounds from Jewish historical sources. In this way the parties get a deeper meaning for the children. Read more >>>
The (Jewish) marriage (6-9 years) In three lessons the children will practice a play of a marriage that takes place in the time of Jesus. It combines parables and Jewish traditions that we know were common even in the time of Jesus. During the game the children learn to know the deeper meaning of the different symbols and the importance that God attaches to marriage.
Marriage symbolizes the relationship between God and his congregation, and in Jewish tradition, marriage is the core of existence. The lessons have been compiled with the cooperation of Timo van den Heuvel, theater maker and songwriter. Read more >>>
The history of the Jewish people (10-12 years) Four lessons about the development of the Jewish people from Abraham to the present. In large steps the children get a picture of the history of the Jewish people. Read more >>>
Personal resilience of children (Resister material) Children discover that we humans are the crown on God's creation. They name the similarities and differences between boys and girls. They discover that both are full in God's eyes. Read more >>>

Other information

Practical facts about the teaching method

  • The lessons of year 1 and 4 start at the beginning of January. January is the natural entry point for this method, as we work towards the vegetable garden season, so that the feasts (Easter, Pentecost and Tabernacles) can be celebrated as harvest festivals.
    The method can also be started in September or at any other time! We are happy to inform you about this.
  • The method consists of 6 teaching packages from 1 years.
    A curriculum for a year consists of spiritual lessons for every Sunday morning plus a vegetable garden lesson from March to September. The vegetable garden lessons are tailored to the spiritual lessons of those weeks.
    There are no lessons for six weeks of summer vacation and the first Easter and Whitsun day.
  • The whole method is purchased in three years. In the first year, year 1 and 4 are purchased, then 2 and 5, and then 3 and 6. See the table above.
  • The buyer buys a license for a specific curriculum per year. The license gives access to the website for one year and the customer acquires the unlimited right to use the lessons for personal use.
  • After the 3 year, a subscription can be taken out with which the customer can gain advantageous access to online schedules.
  • The lessons are made available digitally via a protected part of the website www.kinderwerkeropuit.nl. After payment, the church / children's worker receives a login code, so that the lessons in question can be downloaded.

The benef its of keeping online access to the timetable are

  1. The schedule and the lessons are geared to the celebration of the parties. This always runs synchronously.
  2. When there are adjustments in the lessons, these are automatically available.
  3. The ease of working via the website for the children's workers.
  4. The forum remains available where members and employees place tips.
  5. The customer can continue to use the knowledge of Er! Staff members.

A volume contains the following elements

  1. The year around spiritual lessons of an hour. (There are no lessons for the first Easter and Pentecost and six weeks of summer holidays.) Every two weeks an assignment for home (called Xpeditions).
  2. Vegetable garden lessons from half an hour from March to September
  3. Basic documents for creating a vegetable garden
  4. Accompanying documents to inform parents about the lesson content
  5. Extra materials such as power points, songs, photos, films
  6. Access to the forum with additional ideas
  7. Overview document for a coordinator
  8. Support for questions
  9. A list of enriching activities outside of the class hours

Payment and general terms and conditions

  • The consumer commits 14 days after receipt of the invoice the amount on the account of Er! to deposit.
  • The ordered package arrives at the latest on 5 business days after receipt of the amount on the account of Er! available, unless other agreements have been made about this.
  • Also read the Terms and Conditions.