Vegetable garden package

We would like to familiarize the children with how wonderfully God created everything and what role they have received from Him in that creation.  An ultimate way to teach them this is to let them grow vegetables themselves. In addition to the sustainability aspect, there are many advantages to this form of practice-oriented education.
- All kids can participate at their own level. There is no measuring rod that they must meet.
- They learn to share. They often see the harvest as their own and when they give it away it is sometimes a real sacrifice. However, they also receive the blessing of encouraged people who receive the vegetables.
- Many similarities and stories come to life.
- It offers a natural connection between young and old in the community.
- Research shows: children who grow vegetables themselves make healthier choices in their diet. It is immediately good for the health of the children.

The vegetable garden lesson package can be purchased separately from the spiritual lesson package. The lessons can be used in addition to another method. These vegetable garden lessons can be used by Sunday schools, youth clubs and primary schools.

Content lesson package
The educational package for vegetable gardening consists of 20 lessons per year. The lessons start 6 weeks before Easter (March / April) and end with a harvest festival at the Feast of Tabernacles (September / October). A lesson lasts about half an hour, including packing and cleaning up.
The spiritual links of the lessons often tie in with the inner lesson. But the lessons can also be given separately.

3 different years
The vegetable garden package consists of three years. Every year different vegetables are grown and different spiritual lessons are learned. This keeps the lessons challenging for the children.

Harvest festivals
In the lessons attention is paid to the festivals of God: Easter, Pentecost and the Autumn Feast of Tabernacles. These festivals are all harvest festivals in the Bible. Because our harvest moments are different from those in Israel, the children celebrate a harvest festival before the summer holiday and at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles. These harvest festivals can be celebrated together with the municipality and with the neighborhood.
watch here photos of harvest festivals.

Required skills of the child workers
The method is set up in such a way that a child worker does not have to have the green fingers to be able to give the lessons. All steps of sowing, planting and harvesting have been worked out in such a way that the children can implement them themselves on the basis of instruction sheets they receive. This has been tested extensively.

Realize vegetable garden
A vegetable garden can be arranged in a very simple way in wooden trays (with a possible ground cloth) on a lawn, in a parking lot or along the south facade of the building. See the photo on the right.

If there is more space available or there are more children, a larger space can be used. For more examples of vegetable gardens, see the photo carousel on the home page from Out and about!

If there are more questions please contact us via the contact form. Or request the trial lessons via the contact form.


Season123 Subscription
6-12 jaar
Both groups300 € *€ 150€ 150€ 50

explanation prices

  • The price for the first season is higher because all the basic documents for setting up a vegetable garden become available there and there are lessons for both age groups. The following years is built on this.
  • The buyer buys a license per year for a specific kitchen gardening package. The license gives 1 year access to the website and the customer acquires the unlimited right to use the lessons for their own use.
  • After 3 year a subscription can be concluded for € 50 euro.
  • Prices include 21% VAT

The benefits of the subscription are

  1. The schedule and the lessons are geared to the celebration of the parties. This always runs synchronously.
  2. When there are adjustments in the lessons, these will remain available for a limited fee.
  3. The ease of working via the website for the children's workers.
  4. The forum remains available where members and employees place tips.
  5. You can continue to use the knowledge of Er! employees when there are questions.

The vegetable garden lesson package consists of

  1. Basic documents for creating a vegetable garden
  2. Overview document for a coordinator
  3. Lessons from half an hour from March to September (There are no classes for the first Easter and Pentecost and six weeks of summer holidays.)
  4. Access the forum for additional ideas
  5. Accompanying documents to inform parents about the lesson content.
  6. Additional materials such as instruction cards, photos, maps, harvest cards etc.
  7. Support for questions
  8. A list of enriching activities outside of the class hours

Payment and general terms and conditions

  • The consumer commits 14 days after receipt of the invoice the amount on the account of Er! to deposit.
  • The ordered package arrives at the latest on 5 business days after receipt of the amount on the account of Er! available, unless other agreements have been made about this.
  • Also read the Terms and Conditions.