Autumn parties for children, series of lessons about the Feast of Tabernacles, Trumpet Party and the Day of Atonement

Out and about! offers teaching packages on Jewish Fall Festivals for churches and congregations. In the lessons, young and older children work towards the three Autumn Festivities: Feast of Tabernacles, Trumpet Feast and Great Atonement Day. The lessons are suitable for children aged 6-12 and divided into 2 groups: group 3-5 and group 6-8. The lesson series can be purchased separately (see below). Buyers then receive a fully detailed series of lessons. There are 3 thematic entries for the Autumn Festivals that are detailed below: 1. Autumn Festivals - Jacob (both groups) 2. Entry into the Promised Land (3-5) / Solomon and Elijah vs Ahab (6-8) and 3. Autumn Festivals - Acts (3-5) / Revelation (6-8).

1. Discover the Autumn festivals through the life of Jacob

This series of lessons shows how the journey of life of Jacob is a foreshadow for the journey of church of Jesus Christ. But also how God is involved with us as individuals. God's grace and love for us are beautifully reflected in the stories. In the lessons attention is paid to the backgrounds and traditions at the parties, which makes them alive. The prophetic significance of the Autumn Festivals is extensively discussed. Each lesson contains surprising game elements and the children are sent several times on Xpedition with what they have learned in the lesson.

Content of the lessons

The lessons about Jacob start with the birth of Jacob and Esau and follow their adventures closely. These stories are important to understand who Jacob was and what journey God made with Jacob before Jacob could reach his destination. The youngest group has 4 lessons up to the Autumn Festivals and the oldest group 2 lessons. Subsequently, the curriculum covers the Autumn Festivals, they follow the same parts of the Bible, but they deal with the subjects on their own level. Then 3 parties are treated: Trumpet Party (1 lesson), Great Atonement Day (1 lesson) and the Feast of Tabernacles (2 lessons). Read more about the lessons about the life of Jacob and how the themes of the Autumn Festivals come to the fore and order the corresponding lessons. >>>

2. Entry into the promised land - Deuteronomy, Joshua, 1 Kings

Group 3-5 discover in 4 lessons about the entry of the promised land, how the redeeming work of the Lord Jesus becomes visible. It starts with Moses and Joshua's change of leaders, who show that Moses and the Torah are not saving. Then the spies go to Jericho. At the passage through the Jordan and finally the circumcision at Gilgal means Golgotha). The children discover that all these events point to the Lord Jesus.

Group 6-8 works 6 lessons about the Autumn Festivities. They zoom in on King Solomon, how he was a shadow image for the Messiah and the Millennial Peace Kingdom. Then they see that despite all his wisdom, he sins and that he is not the promised Messiah. The empire even tears in two and we know that this will only become whole again when the Messiah returns to the Mount of Olives. Then we follow Elijah and Ahab. The children discover that there is a spiritual battle going on in this world, between Baal (the devil) and YHWH. In which God conquers gloriously and a remnant in Israel has not bowed his knees to Baal. This is a hopeful shadow for everything that takes place in the book of Revelation.

3a. The Autumn Festivities in the book of Acts

Group 3-5 discovers, on the basis of 4 stories in Acts, how the Autumn festivals have already been partially fulfilled. How the collection of the nations already began through the birth of the church of Jesus Christ. How this birth was accompanied by all kinds of miracles and signs and also with many setbacks. This is based on the following 4 lessons / stories:

  1. Peter's vision with the sheet of unclean animals.
  2. Paul and Barnabas sent to bring the gospel to the Gentiles.
  3. James killed and Peter delivers. The evil one goes around like a roaring lion to behead the church, but God intervenes.
  4. Paul and Barnabas in Antioch. The Jews reject the gospel and the Gentiles (the nations) accept the gospel.

3b. The Future Fulfillment of the Autumn Festivals - Revelation and the Prophets

Group 6-9 discovers in 4 lessons how the Autumn Festivals will still be fulfilled by handling the Bible book of Revelation and in addition to the prophets. These lessons are so intriguing that a short description is very complicated. Every Christian should take the message in these lessons. 🙂

  • Lesson 1: First the message of Jesus Christ to the church today.
  • Lesson 2: Then the period of great tribulation. A time of punishment and teasing, but focused on people turning to God.
  • Lesson 3: At the end of the great tribulation, the whole world turns against Israel and then the prophecies from the prophets will be fulfilled at a rapid pace. The people will fully turn to YHWH and call on Him for redemption. Then the Lord Jesus will return to the Mount of Olives and they will recognize Him as the ones they pierced. They will mourn. And it goes on ... the nations will be collected.
  • Lesson 4: And finally, YHWH will pitch his tent / sukkah on earth. Heaven is coming to earth. God will rule from the new Jerusalem. The children will discover a lot. Half of this is not yet written down.

Creative processing

Children's Work Out! is primarily a DIY lesson method. In all teaching packages there are creative processing such as role playing, homework assignments or an Xpedition assignment.

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