02-05-2019 | Children's work method Out and about! is a DIY method for churches

Children's work method Out and about! saw the light of day in 2014. Project leader Ronald Blonk started the initiative because there is little education in the existing churches in two areas: care for the poor, the stranger and the creation and the Jewish people. These themes are explicitly addressed in the practice-oriented online Sunday school method. Different processes are linked to a Bible section.

The children's work program focuses on discipleship. Children are sent every two weeks on 'Xpeditie', a kind of junior discipleship training. Many children also love the optional vegetable garden curriculum because they use all their senses and learn about the Creator of heaven and earth. Many Biblical stories are related to the agricultural society of ancient Israel.

More than 260 lessons are available online with different themes: relationship with Israel, Biblical persons such as Ruth and the harvest festival. You will complete the entire series in six years. Children start in group 3 with creation & creator and end in group 8 with visiting lonely people during Christmas. Mikas of eleven years summarizes the lessons well: "It is not just thinking, but also doing".

Participating churches and children's workers are enthusiastic. Ronald: “We notice that more men are going to do children's work, because the lessons have been practically introduced and we have abandoned the traditional crafts. We are looking for churches that want to run our online curriculum. We would like to talk to the childcare contact about how the program can fit in with their church / congregation. ”

Want to know more about the children's work program Out and about! Then contact Ronald Blonk via [Email protected] or 06-48127082 He will gladly tell you more about it!