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The power of CELEBRATION

This series of lessons will teach the children how celebrating God's festivals can give them strength. The children discover that the Lord Jesus himself eagerly desired to celebrate the Passover meal with His disciples, so that He strengthened the Passion through the celebration. During the Passover meal, the Lord Jesus instituted the sacrament that is meant to strengthen his followers in the future. In the lessons we show the children that the gospel is not meant to keep for ourselves, but rather to be distributed.

  1. Israel celebrates - The exodus from Egypt and the institution of the Passover feast

    On the basis of the history of the liberation of the people of Israel from Egypt, the children understand that God wants to free us from our burdens. At the IJsbreker they have to drag themselves with heavy loads and experience what it is like to be freed from them.
  2. Celebrate life with Jesus as a friend - Jesus offers His friendship to us

    Jesus showed on earth that He had come to offer His friendship to those who were shunned by everyone. On the basis of the story of Zacchaeus, the children discover what impact it has on someone when someone offers their sincere friendship to the other. They can also invite someone to a friend service at Easter.

  3. Celebrating THE meal - Institution of the Lord's Supper at the celebration of the Passover meal

    Together, the children experience the Passover meal and discover that together with the disciples the secret hidden in the symbols of the meal.

  4. Celebrate that Jesus is LIVING: friend service - The rebellion of Jesus through the eyes of Mary of Magdala

    During the friendship service, the children discover that Jesus was raised from the dead and still LIVES today. And because He lives there is hope for us and for others. That's why we all celebrate a big party.

There are separate lessons for group 3-5 and for group 6-8.

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