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In the video Ronald Blonk, the initiator of children's work method Er op uit !, explains the origins of the children's work method. Our story is also written below the video

The reason for the development of the method

The immediate reason for the method arose after Ronald, as a fundraiser for the Agapè Foundation (2006-2014), had studied what the Bible says about money and everything related to it. A world opened up in the Bible that Ronald had never observed. More than 2000 texts appear to cover topics such as: doing business righteously, care for the poor and the stranger, care for the land / creation, relationships, dealing with money and talents, etc. '
The texts are throughout the Bible and they provide tools for developing a God-pleasing lifestyle as a Christian.
It became clear to Ronald that practical education about these things hardly takes place within the church (in the Netherlands).

Ronald's question to God was, how can I teach this?
For example, one obstacle was that many of the commandments are in the first five books of the Bible. And they are commandments that are intended for the people of Israel.

The Torah the fifth gospel

God provided an answer that was not very obvious. Ronald came across the book, "Mark and the Torah" from 1987. This book is a PhD research by Dr. Dirk Monshouwer, pastor within the Reformed Church. He explored the relationship between a three-year reading schedule of the Torah and the Mark gospel. (This is the Three Year Torah Cycle. More on this in the brochure about the class schedule on this site, pages 8-11.)

He discovered that the Gospel of Mark was written to the rhythm of this reading schedule. And what is the rhythm then? The rhythm is the Feasts of God that are celebrated every year.
The themes of the parties appear in the reading schedule exactly on the date they are to be celebrated. You will only discover this secret if you follow this schedule.

It should come as no surprise that the Gospel of Mark (and the other Gospels too) follows the rhythm of the feasts. Because Jesus came to earth to fulfill the Word and especially the festivals. Mark wanted to make this clear by writing his Gospel. And because the whole Gospel is so clearly present in the Torah, the Torah is also called the fifth Gospel.

Get to know God by doing what He says

Another insight that came into being was that we are dealing with Hebrew thinking in the Bible.
It can be summarized as follows: You get to know God by doing what He says.

This provides relaxation when teaching. You no longer have to assume that it depends on us whether they get to know God. When you help the other to act according to the Biblical commandments, God will make Himself known to the other.

Schism between Jews and Christians

At the same time, Ronald discovered the reason the church does little with the practical commandments from the Torah. The reason for this is the schism / removal that arose between Jews and Christians (ca. from 100 to 350 AD). The church has moved slowly, but rigorously, away from anything that smelled of Jewish customs, which often stemmed from keeping the commandments in the Torah. The church even went so far as to introduce a doctrinal doctrine that still plays an important role in many denominations today.

The question to God was, what do you want me to do with these things?

The latest discovery made it clear to Ronald that God asked him to develop a method for children's work.

The discovery that the Torah actually contains all the Gospel paved the way to start teaching from Genesis 1 and let the children discover from verse 1 that God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are present and what the plan is with their creation.

On the way, the children discover how everything refers to Jesus Christ, the Messiah. They discover the plan of God with the Jewish people and His church. And when they learn to apply everything they discover directly in their lives, they discover that even today God's commandments are still full of wisdom and LIFE.
Within this context, all parts of the Christian faith are given a place in their lives.

During the seven years of development, God added many elements to the method that were not foreseen beforehand. On the page Out and about! in picture you will find a summary of the method and the schedule.

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