The Organisation

Volunteers with specialist knowledge

The method came about through the efforts of volunteers who have deployed their expertise. There are thanks to many people who have used their free time to work with. God provides people with talents, with perseverance and creativity. This creates a varied and unique teaching program.

Looking forward to the future, we hope that Er goes out! can be further developed from the payments made by the users. At the moment, however, we are largely dependent on personal gifts. For information to invest financially in the youngest of God's Kingdom, click on the following link and becomes a partner.

Out! is a company

The organizational form for Er! is a company. The company is looking forward to it! is not for profit. The company works according to the principle of a Kingdom Company. That means that all means received for the benefit of Er! be deployed. If the method has enough paying users to be fully maintained, we will investigate whether it is useful to set up a foundation.

If you have any questions about this, you can ask Ronald Blonk.

Out! has developed the children's work program at Tear's 40 days calendar.

Four beautiful lessons that work towards Easter, for both the lower and upper classes.

They are available for free!

Click on the image to go to the site of Tear and download it.