History and vision

Why did we start this method?

In his period (2006-2014) as a fundraiser for the Agapè foundation, Ronald has been occupied with what the Bible says about dealing with money. Ronald became more and more aware that there is little education in the church in the Netherlands about dealing with money and resources.

'Little education about dealing with money and resources'

In addition to the lack of financial education, there is also little attention for matters such as: doing business fairly, caring for the poor and the foreigner, caring for the land / creation, treatment of animals, sexual relations, etc.

Strikingly enough, God gives many guidelines in the Bible for everyday life and the Bible does not shy away from any subject. More than 2300 Bible texts speak about topics that can be summarized under the broad heading of stewardship. Many of these texts are in the Torah and the rest of the Old Testament.

The idea was that teaching children should contain many of the Torah's commandments. But there was an emotional threshold to deal with commandments with the children, because this quickly smacks of legalism and that they mainly apply to the Jewish people in their time. In his search (in February 2014) Ronald ran into a Dr. Dirk Monshouwer, who connected an ancient Jewish reading grid of the Torah with the Gospels. It is about the Three Year Torah Cycle (DTC). Monshouwer showed that the Gospels were written to the rhythm of this reading. The evangelists show how the Lord Jesus fulfilled what was written down in the Torah. The Torah is also called the fifth Gospel.

The reading schedule of the DTC cleared the way to start the Biblical teaching from Genesis 1 and to work chronologically on the book of Revelation. On the way the children discover how everything collapses and refers to Jesus Christ, the Messiah. And they examine the meaning of the commandments that are relevant to their daily lives. And there are more than you would expect.

Vision: What is different about this children's work method?

Doing the faith

Hebrew thinking assumes that you get to know God by doing what He says. "Follow me," Jesus said to his disciples. And they went after Him and gradually came to recognize that He is the Son of God. This method allows the children to do a lot of things. All kinds of processing in game form, which are connected with the Bible part that is treated that week.
Discipleship: The children are sent out every two weeks to put into practice what they have learned, on Xpedition. (The X is the abbreviation of Greek Xristus). Like the disciples. When they come back, they will be evaluated. Just like Jesus did. This is a junior discipleship training.

The vegetable garden

The children enter the vegetable garden weekly. With all their senses they discover the creation and learn to rule over a small piece of creation in dependence on the Creator. The vegetable garden builds on the relationship between the Creator, creation and man. The people of Israel lived in an agricultural society and therefore many examples in Bible have been borrowed from that society.

Register as a 'Trial' church

Tasting 50 lessons at a reduced rate. For € 100 (instead of €
250) can introduce a church to half a year

The church also receives a grape bush.

The offer includes an introduction seminar with many handles for the child workers.