Personal resilience of children

With the Er op uit! Children's work method, attention is paid throughout the method to the personal identity and resilience of boys and girls. There are some lessons that are completely about this, however, and we offer these separately as theme packages.

The personal resilience package contains four lessons for children from group 3 to 5. The following topics will be discussed in the lessons. In lesson one they discover that we humans are the crown on God's creation. In lessons two and three they discover the similarities but also the differences between boys and girls. They discover that both are full in God's eyes. After lesson two, they will discover their talents and creatively shape them. In lesson four, they discover that God has emotions and character traits just like us. This God loves them and wants to protect them.

For the children of group 6-8 we will look deeper into resilience. There is a trilogy of lessons that work on their resilience in relationships: 1. Can be yourself, 2. Healthy relationships with others, 3. A healthy relationship with your parents.

The material is now written for children's services. A lesson lasts between the 45 minutes and an hour. The material can also be used in a school setting with small adjustments.

Lessons about Personal resilience of children
Group 3-5 (4 lessons)€ 80
Group 6-8 (3 lessons)€ 60

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