Primary Schools of group (1-2) 3-8

The method has been developed with a view to children's services for children in grades 3-8. We wish that the material will also be used in primary schools, because you have more time there to deepen the lessons.

Schedule for the week

The weekday religion classes could be used during the week in the following manner.
On the Monday morning it is usually telling what happened over the weekend.
Tuesday morning: Processing 1 - Icebreaker, with movement usually (10-20 minutes).
Wednesday morning: Bible time / story (15-30 minutes). In the older group you can often divide it into 2 lessons. There is enough material for discussion.
Thursday morning: Processing 2 - creative processing based on what has been learned. (20-30 minutes)
Friday morning: From March to October there are vegetable garden lessons (30 minutes). They could also be turned perfectly during nature lessons.
Everything can of course be arranged in your own way.

Major advantages of this method

The big plus to work with Er! are the vegetable garden lessons. This offers the opportunity to integrate nature with the Biblical stories.

Other pluses to be used are:

  • Six years the children get to hear new stories.
  • Stories for the Middle School (groups 3-5) are written out in full. These can also be used for the substructure (group 0-2).
  • Bible time for the superstructure (grades 6-8). Children themselves search the Bible with the teacher.
  • In the upper years many social themes are treated from the Bible.
  • All stories come with fun, creative processing that can be done in a classroom.
  • For teachers there is a solid Spiritual equipment with each lesson that builds their personal life of faith.
  • The homework assignments create a relationship between home and school on a spiritual level. Non-religious parents are also directly reached.
  • The method has several projects with which the environment of the school can be reached.
  • The method offers various savings projects that are directly linked to the lessons they follow.
  • Again the vegetable garden lessons. In this time vegetable garden lessons and healthy food are an important theme in society. This method combines the best of both worlds, a completely biologically based vegetable garden system + a spiritual component in the lessons. Learn about the benefits of vegetable gardening. >>>

Group 1-2

For these groups, a selection can be made from the stories of groups 3-5. This contains many stories that are also suitable for toddlers.

For group zero we recommend using the method 'God made you'. Just like Er, the method is out! a discovering teaching style. Use is made of the picture Bible. Find more information about this on the page of the teaching packages.

Children's work Out! in picture

Download the overview document here, with all the benefits at a glance and the timetable in 6 years >>>

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