Primary Schools of group 3-8

The method can be used for religious education. The big plus to work with Out and about! are the vegetable garden lessons. This offers the possibility to integrate nature into the Biblical stories.

Other usable pluses to the method are:
- The homework assignments create a relationship between home and school on a spiritual level. The non-believing parents are also reached immediately.
- The method has various projects with which the environment of the school can be reached.
- The method offers various savings projects that are directly linked to the lessons they follow.
- The groups all follow their own Bible stories. The children get to hear new stories for 6 for years.
- For teachers, there is strong spiritual equipment with every lesson that builds up their personal faith life.
- Again the vegetable garden lessons. At this time, vegetable garden lessons and healthy food are an important theme in society. This method combines the best of both worlds, a fully biologically based vegetable garden system + a spiritual component in the lessons. read more >>>

The method costs € 500 per year for a school.

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