Team of professionals

Teamwork children's work Out and about!
Team members

The method was developed by a team of professionals who have committed themselves on a voluntary basis.
The lessons have been developed by team members from (special) primary education. They have decades of experience in children's work.
The Biblical backgrounds have been tested by people with a theological and missionary background. Together they have more than 150 years of spiritual walks with the Lord.

The following lesson components have been developed:

  • 300 spiritual equipment;
  • 150 Bible stories / role plays for groups 3-5;
  • 150 Bible discovery lessons for groups 6-8;
  • 600 new processes, of which 300 with movement and 300 with creative methods;
  • 80 vegetable garden lessons;
  • Five special savings projects linked to classes;
  • Cooperation with 5 different relief organizations;
  • Ten self-developed theme songs;
  • Graphic design to make everything attractive for the children;
  • Website development.

God has provided people with diverse talents, creativity and
perseverance. This has created a very diverse and unique teaching program.
Thanks is due to a team of people who have devoted their free time to work for five years. Some have worked 16 hours a week for 5 years!
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In the future we hope that Kinderwerk Er! can be further developed from the payments made by the users. At the moment we depend on personal donations. Do you want to become our partner in this mission? >>>

Children's work Out! is part of the foundation Er out! 

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