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Ronald BlonkRonald Blonk

I am married to Ina and we have four children together. From the age of 21 I have been active in children's work. Children and young people have my heart, both in the church and beyond. For a number of years I have also worked to reach (hanging) children / youngsters in the neighborhood. Children who often know nothing about faith. I can now use these experiences to develop the children's working method.

From 2006 to 2014 I worked at Agapè as a fundraiser. In this environment I am blessed with insights around stewardship and innovative forms to reach people with the Gospel. Before that, I was active 7 years with the construction company BAM as Marketeer and Business Developer. I trained as a Business Economist at Erasmus University.

Function: Project leader from Er!

Responsibilities: The spiritual line of Er out, project management, development of the lessons, website, promotion, fundraising, administration and all other tasks.

Lieske Boeringlieske

I am married to Edmund and together we have three children. Since 2007 we are a family home and children live in our family for a short or longer period of time.

When I was seventeen I started with the children's work. Children have the future and therefore we can not start early enough to tell God's great love.

I have done the Pabo and before we start a family home I have worked for a number of years in special education.

Inside out! I develop spiritual lessons. I try to get as close as possible to the children's perception of each lesson and to make the lessons so that they learn through practical experience that God is a living God. They can best practice these practical experiences within the family and the children's work.

Responsibility: Developing whole lessons for both groups

Ina Blonk

Yes, the woman!

What do I have with children's work ... .. Children have my heart. I thoroughly enjoy our own four children with an occasional guest child.

I do not even know how many years I do children's work. If I have nothing to do I will calculate it once ;-)

Why am I committed to getting out! ...... The vegetable garden lessons provide for different needs among the children: movement, being outside, feeling, seeing, smelling, tasting, working ... in short, pleasure in Life. They experience that they are alive and they experience what is going on.

As a child worker you want the children to have fun and at the same time learn. Because of the enthusiasm that is generated and the concrete experiences with the creation you can put so many spiritual links. These are therefore much better understood by the children and actually already lived through. I think that's valuable!

bottom of vegetable garden44My experience and knowledge from primary education, in which I work, helps me tremendously in writing the lessons. And as a farmer's daughter, the weeds crawl where it can not go. Secretly I think my passion is connected to the vegetable garden ... to be my farmer's daughter.

Responsibility: Development of the vegetable garden lessons

thymeTimo van den Heuvel

I am married to Angelina and father of two wonderful children.

Since I was eighteen, children have been an important target group within my work as a theater maker / musician. I enjoy working with them and I think it's fantastic to hand out a piece of creativity to them but also get them back.

Out! Is an innovative form of children's work with a creative discovery through the Bible. I think it's cool to give a bit of input to that so that children and children's workers are challenged to discover and use their talents.

Susanne Kroes

I am Susanne Kroes-Bron (1980). Married with Johan. Together we have four children.Susanne Kroes

From the age of 12 I have been active in children's work at various intervals. At this moment I am involved in the children's work through Er! My role consists of writing and part of the Bible stories. I enjoy it, making stories accessible. My greatest desire is for children to discover who God is and whom He wants to be for them through the stories.

In recent years my children have already enjoyed playing with Er on it! I've seen that Er out! a method that stays close to God's Word and at the same time looks for ways that are attractive to children. By writing along, the method can be further developed. A nice initiative. Besides writing for Er on it! I work as a nurse in the neighborhood.

Responsibility: Writing Bible stories

Kees van Gelderen

My name is Kees van Gelderen (1938-2021†), unmarried and never married. After my studies in geodesy at the TU in Delft (at the time still TechnischeHogeschool) from 1956-1963, I worked from 1963 to 1969 at the Institute for Cultural Engineering and Water Management (ICW) in Wageningen. After that I felt called to serve the Lord in Italy, first with Operation Mobilization and from 1970 independently in collaboration with existing congregations around Busto Arsizio, a city of 80.000 inhabitants halfway between Milan and Lake Maggiore. I lived and worked there for 41 years until 2011, when I returned to the Netherlands (Zeist) due to physical limitations (deafness, etc.).

In the beginning I engaged in Sunday School work, first with a chalkboard blackboard and later with the help of picture books of evangelistic histories. Years later I also used them to reach the non-religious children in the courtyard with 17 houses in which I lived… until they had heard all the stories and I actually did not have much to tell anymore. Until 1982, I led the congregation teenage group, and since then I was able to help found the Open-Doors base in Italy and in the presentation work for persecuted Christians in several congregations. In later years I mainly devoted myself to translation work.

When I returned to the Netherlands, I was happy that Ronald Blonk suggested to 2016 that I would cooperate with writing lessons for the spiritual equipment of children's workers. For me it is a joy to still be able to do something for the children and I hope to continue doing it with God's help.

In memoriam: Kees has tirelessly edited hundreds of lessons and provided spiritual additions to the spiritual equipping of many lessons. He had a big heart for children all his life. June 24, 2021 he has arrived at the place where he longed to be, in the bosom of His Lord. We look back on his life with great gratitude. We will miss his humor, spiritual insight, his love and prayers.

Responsibility: Editing lessons and writing spiritual equipment for children's workers

Huip Molenaar

I am Huip Molenaar-Oerlemans (1963) and I am married to Hans. We have 3 adult children and 1 daughter-in-law.

I grew up in a Salvation Army family, consisting of 10 people. As a teenager, I worked for outside church children at the Wednesday afternoon club and I helped with the Sunday school. I enjoyed telling stories with flannel plates, hand puppets, sandbox or self-made drawings. The nice thing about this is that it becomes interactive and tangible for children. In addition, I could indulge in the creative part.

After we got married we went to a Gospel congregation together. I also actively participated in the children's work there. I worked 15 years as a childminder. Because of health problems, I have to give up, as well as being an active child worker. As a retraining, I did the training: creative manual skills. In this way I try to show creative God's love, to children and adults. I also work on 2 day parts, as a sewing instructor at the City Studio "Ons Huis" in Wageningen.

Responsibility: Working out creative craft ideas.

Sari Blonk

I am the daughter of and am 16 year.

I work with Er on it! because I think it's a great way to tell children the gospel. Personally, I like to be creative.

Responsibility: Development and design of board game

Bertus Keuter

I am married to Nanneke and together we have four very nice children.bertus

As a child I have always been with the summer camps of the Kaleb Foundation and later I also led these camps for many years. I think that there is the basis for me to work with children / young people to discover together with them who God is and how great His love for us is. That is why I now also commit myself to the 10 members in our municipality (Salem).

What I really like about Er! is the holistic approach to this method. It is not only about spiritual development, but about spirit, soul and body in relation to God and His creation.

I work for CLC Books and Music and our mission is to spread the gospel through literature. We do this through bookshops, web shops and publishing houses in more than 50 countries. I did a course in Religion and Pastoral Work (GPW) in Ede and I followed the vocational school in Wageningen.

Responsibility: Website development

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