Home education

“As a family we started working on 'Out there'. It is a very nice method to discover that the Bible is a whole and not all separate stories. It also becomes clear how great our God is. The children enjoyed the activities, including our son who does not like crafts. Throughout the activities, the children were able to remember the message. And we could easily mention it again. We could also easily involve our older children. It does require preparation from you as a parent, but I have experienced that as educational."
Jerry & Henrike

Constantly in conversation with your children
As parents you can keep talking to God about your children for 6 for years. The method helps you creatively deepen the exploration of the treasures of God's kingdom.
In addition to the Biblical stories, you also get access to the vegetable garden lessons.

Cost per family
As a family you can take the lessons every six months. The costs are € 50 per half year.