Who can use it?

The method is used by churches, schools, families, youth clubs.

Children ministry / Sunday school

Are you looking for a contemporary method in the church that appeals to children, then Let's go! is particularly suitable.

The lesson is structured as follows:
10 minutes: Ice breaker
10-20 minutes: Bible time (Youngest group a Bible story or role play, the oldest group dives into the Bible themselves.)
10-20 minutes: Creative processing

The two exercises plus the Bible time are always 40 minutes in total. It applies to all components that they can take longer or that they are shortened to the insight and time available for the child service.

Vegetable garden classes are available during the vegetable garden season from March - Sept
30 minutes per lesson.

Short service
The method is also suitable for services between 20 - 30 minutes.
If only the Icebreaker and the Bible time are used, this can be done within 30 minutes.

Use at home as a family

Of course the material can be used as a family. We have an adjusted rate for home use.

Especially in this time of Corona, when children's services are often not organized, it is important as parents to keep talking to your children about God.

The method offers you the tools to have an unforgettable time together at home every week. The reactions of the families who are working with it at home are really enthusiastic. Read more >>>

Youth clubs

Are you looking for appealing theme lessons with fun processing for the club season, Er offers out! various possibilities to fill in a club season as desired.

The spiritual lessons and the creative exercises are suitable for youth clubs. Clubs usually run from October to March. This offers the opportunity to create a varied program for the children from the large amount of lessons.

The youth club management can select its own series of lessons from the lessons. We are happy to help with this. look at it schedule in which all kinds of themes are mentioned and contact us.

Primary schools

Are you looking for a contemporary and appealing religious method at school for children, then Let's go! is particularly suitable.

The method in whole or in part can be used on both Christian and public education. read more  >>>

If you are interested, please contact us via it Contact Form.

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