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Make your children's service an experience

How do you get the best out of the children now? How do you stimulate the children so that they go into the story? Did I have the skills? Questions we walk around with as children's workers, but do not actually give us the time to find out.

septimoEveryone can learn these skills with a good teacher for the class. Out! Timo van den Heuvel has found it willing to develop and give this equipment together with Ronald Blonk. Timo is a versatile theater maker and he has an educational background. This combination ensures that he is able to give good didactic advice.

The following workshops can be followed. In the morning part you follow workshop 1 or 2.
After the break everyone will follow workshop 3: learning songs is cool.

  1. Children to experience Bible stories
    In this workshop bibliodrama you can read and experience a Bible story from the role of one of the people who play a role in the story. By experiencing for yourself how a Bible story comes to life in this way, you will be excited to also involve children in this way in the beautiful stories from the Bible. Of course you will receive tips, ideas and working methods to implement this in practice.
    Seventeen of the nineteen participants said that they could apply the lessons directly to their children's services.
  2. There is an actor in every child
    Theater is not only a fantastic form to learn your stories from the Bible and pass on to others, it also helps you to stand firmly in your shoes in a positive way. That is why you can not start early enough. In this active workshop you explore various forms of theater in a playful way and discover how you can use it when playing Bible stories. You also get help to make children enthusiastic and involved.
    Seventeen of the nineteen participants said that they could apply the lessons directly to their children's services.
  3. Learning songs is cool: Bringing out the musicality in children
    Singing and making music are valuable biblical principles that are meant for everyone, young and old. But how do you apply it if not everyone is motivated to sing or if you think that you have nothing to do with music? In this workshop we will go deeper into the importance of singing and music in the children's service and we will explore different ways of working in an active and fun way that can ensure that singing and music is super cool, even if you are not a musical centipede.
    Fourteen of the nineteen participants said they could apply what they learned directly to their children's services.

All participants are enthusiastic about what they have learned and would recommend the equipment to every other child worker!


The equipment takes place in the workshop space of Timo van den Heuvel in Andelst near the A15.
The next date is not yet known. Please contact us if you are interested.
Duration: from 10.00 to 14.30 hours.

The workshop is accessible to everyone. Organizations that work with Let's go! get priority. In consultation with an organization, the workshops can also take place on location.
Minimum number of participants is 20 and the maximum is 25.

The costs per participant are € 65 including coffee, tea, juice and treats when drinking. Lunch is for your own account.
When a church sends more than 4 participants, the costs per additional participant (s) are € 50.

Registration via the contact form. Indicate clearly that it concerns participation in the workshop. We will then contact you.