Let’s go! available in English

If you are visiting this website from outside the Netherlands, we want to let you know, that we are working hard to translate the method to English in the moment. Yet, year 1 (for children between 6-8 year) is completely translated and we are half way year 4 (for children between 9-12 year). We expect that we will have translated all the lessons before the Summer.

Using the material or partnering

If you are interested in using the method or even want to partner with us, to publish the method in your country, please let us know by the contact form.

Other languages

When everything is available in English we are looking for translation to French, German, Spanish, Hindi, etc. So if you are from one of these countries, please feel welcome to contact us.

Click here for the English Brochure.
Click here for an overview document from the whole programm.

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Nederlands Nederlands English English